The Bright Young People, also known as The Bright Young Things, emerged as muses out of Oliver Thornton's fanciful and romantic fascination with a lost, bygone era of style.  This evolving group of socialites, artists and aristocrats garnered their name from the tabloid press, who wrote about their outrageous antics during the 1920's.  Bored, eccentric and full of rebellion, the set threw lavish fancy dress parties and elaborate treasure hunts, expressing themselves through fashion, poetry and photography.


They were obsessed with jazz, which they saw as modern, raw and anti-establishment.  They challenged social norms, embracing gender non binary identities and fluid sexuality.  It was a time where the elegance and refinement of the established upper classes met the whimsical folly of  elite youth culture, to create a uniquely British voice which runs at the core of Oliver Thornton's design boutique.